Do you need help deciphering a particular shipping or chartering acronyn? We’ve compiled this handy glossary below as a convenient reference.

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1 / 2 SB One or two safe berth(s).
1 / 2 SP One or two safe port(s)..
1 OPT 1One year, option another one year
A & CPAnchors and chains proved.
As brokers only
A.P. or A/PAfter peak Tank
a/fAlso for (referring to ports to be touched by the ship).
Aa (AA)Always afloat.
AAAAAlways afloat and (always) accessible.
AARAAmsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
ABAbove bridges.
ACPAfrican, Caribbean, Pacific countries.
Ad val.Ad Valorem (duty).
ADCOM or AddcommAddress commission.
AFAdvance freight.
AFRAAverage freight rate assessments.
AFSPSArrival First Sea Piolt Station
AFTAt or towards the stern or rear of a ship
AGArabian Gulf (also referred to as PG Persian Gulf)
AGRIPODSAgricultural products.
AGWAll going well.
AGWWPAll going well weather permitting.
AHRange of ports between and including Antwerp and Hamburg.
Ah (AH)After hatch
AhLAustralian hold ladders.
AICSAssociate of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.
AIMSAmerican Institute of Merchant Shipping.
ANTHAMAntwerp-Hamburg Range
AOGAct of God.
Ap or A/PAft perpendicular (of ship); after peak; all purposes; additional premium.
AplAmerican Petroleum Institute.
APSArrival Pilot Station
APTAfter peak tank.
ARAntwerp – Rotterdam range.
ARAAntwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam range of ports.
ARAGAmsterdam-Rotterdam--Antwerp-Gent Range
ARHAntwerp – Rotterdam – Hamburg range.
ARHBAntwerp – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Bremen range.
ASAAlways safe(ly) afloat.
ASAP (asap)As soon as possible.
ASBAAssociation of Shipbrokers and Agents.
ATAActual Time of arrival
ATDNAny time day and night.
ATDNSHINCAny Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays UIncluded
ATNAids to Navigation
ATRSAmerican Tank Rate Schedule.
ATSActual time saved or All time saved.
ATSB/ATSBEAll time saved both ends.
ATSDOAll time saved loading only.
ATUTCActual Times Used to Count
AWHAvailable workable hatches.
AWTSBEAll working time saved both ends.
AWTSDOAll working time saved discharging only.
AWTSLOAll working time saved loading only.
AWTWLAll within Institute Warranty Limits.
B (Bl)Bale capacity; bale; ballast.
B S S 1/1Basis 1 port to 1 port
B.H.(range)Range of ports between and including Bordeaux & Hamburg
b.o.Buyer’s option; broker’s order.
B.P. (bp/b.p.)Between perpendiculars; boiling point (gases).
B.S.Boiler survey; bunker surcharge.
B.S. & W.Bottom (or base) sediment and water.
b/dBarrels per day.
B/EBreak even; (customs) bill of entry; bill of exchange.
B/E (Bends)Both ends.
b/hBarrels per hour.
B/L/b lading (Bs/L)Bill of Lading (plural of B/L).
B/N (b/n)Booking note.
B/O (b/o)Bulk/oil carrier.
B/RBordeaux of Rouen.
BABuenos Aires.
BACATBarge aboard catamaran
BAFBunker Adjustment Factor
Bar (brl)Barrel.
BBBallast bonus; bar bound; below bridges; bulbous bow; bareboat, bare boat charter
BBBBefore Breaking Bulk
BCBritish Columbia; British Channel.
BDBar draft, below deck.
BDIBoth dates (days) inclusive (or included).
BEAMThe maximum breadth of a ship
BENDSBoth Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)
BENELUXBelguim, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
Bext.Breadth extreme.
BFIBaltic Freight Index
BFOBunker fuel oil.
BH (B/H)Bill of health; bulkhead.
BHFBulk harmless fertilizers.
Bhp (BHP)Brake horse power (oil engines).
Bi/BlBoth inclusive.
BIBOBulk in, bag out.
BIFFEXThe Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange
BIMCOBaltic & International Maritime Council
BKBar keel.
BLBill of Lading
BLSEABaltic Sea.
BLST (BST)Ballast.
BOABerthing on arrival.
BOBBunker on Board
BODBoard of Directors.
BOFFER(S)Best Offer(s)
BORBunkers on re-delivery.
BOROBulk, Oil and roll-on, roll-off vessel.
BROBBunkers Remaining on Board
BSBroken Stowage
BSS 1/1Basis 1 Port to 1 Port
BSTBritish Summer Time, British Standard Time.
BT (bt)Berth terms.
BTDButadiene (cargo for gas carrier).
BTUBritish Thermal Unit.
BW/BWABrackish water/ brackish water allowance.
BWADBrackish Water Arrival Draft
BWDDBrackish water departure draft.
CShine, Sundays and holidays included.
C & F (CFR)Cost and freight.
C and/or JChina and/or Japan.
C of BCentre of Buoyancy
C&FCost and Freight
C&F FOCost & Freight Free Out
c.f.gcubic feet of gas
c.f.g.d./hr./mincubic feet of gas per day / hour / minute feet per hour/second
C.I.F.Cost, insurance and freight.
C.I.F. & E.Cost, insurance, freight and exchange.
C.I.F.F.I.Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest.
C.I.F.F.O.Cost, insurance, freight, and free out.
C.I.F.I. & E.Cost, insurance, freight, interest and exchange.
c.i.f.l.t. (CIFLT)Cost, insurance and freight, London terms.
c.m.p.scentimetres per second
C.O.Country of origin; cargo oil; case oil
c.o.d.Cash on delivery.
C/NCredit Note
C/P (c/p orCP)Charter party.
C/V/ECable, victuals and entertainment.
CABAFCurrency and bunkering adjustment factors.
CABE (cabe)Charterer’s agents both ends.
CAFCurrency adjustment factor.
CANCalcium ammonium nitrate (cargo).
CAR (CARIB)Carribean Islands.
CB & H Cont. (BH)Continent between Bordeaux and Hamburg.
CBFT (or CFT)Cubic Feet
CBMCubic Meter
CBTClean ballast tanks centimeter per hour/minute
CDCustomary Despatch
CENSA(pron.Kensa)Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners Associations.
CFR (or C&F)Cost and Freight
CH & HContinent between Le Havre and Hamburg
CHACustoms house agent.
CHINPACChina Sea, Indian and Pacific Oceans.
CHOPTCharterers Option
CIFCost, Insurance & Freight.
CIMInternational Convention Concerning the Carriage of Goods by Rail.
CIPCarriage and insurance paid to.
CKDCompletely knocked down
CLCConvention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1969.a
CMIComite Maritime International.
CMRConvention on the Contract for Intrntnl Carriage of Goods by Road.
cnrCharter not reported.
COAContract of Affreightment.
COACPContract of Affreightment Charter Party
COBCargo on board; close of business.
CODCas On Delivery
COFRCertificate of Financial Responsibility.
COGS (COGSA)Carriage of Goods by Sea (Act).
CONSConsecutive; consumption.
Cont. (Cont.)Continent or Europe.
COP Custom Of Port
COWCrude Oil Washing
CP (or C/P)Charter Party
CPDCharterers Pay Dues
CPPClean petroleum products.
CPTCarriage paid to.
CQDCustomary Quick Despatch
CR (cr)Current rate; carrier’s risk.
CRDCurrent rate discharge.
CRISTALContract Regarding an Interim Settlement to Tanker Liability for Oil Pollution Damage.
CRLCurrent rate of load.
CROBCargo Remaining on Board
CSLaden Cape, ballast Suez.
CSCInternational Convention for Safe Containers
CSDClosed shelter deck
CST (c/s)Centistokes.
CTCentre tank; cargo tank; cubic tonnage of a ship.
CTOCombined transport operator
CTRContainer Fitted
CVOCertificate of value and origin
CVs (consec)Consecutive voyages.
Cwt.Hundred weight.
CYCountry yard
D ½ D (DHD)Despatch money payable at half demurrage rate. (Also demurrage, half dispatch).
D 1/2 D (d 1/2 D)Despatch money payable at half demurrage rate
D.O.Delivery Order
d.p.Direct port.
D.T.Deep Tank
D/A (DA)Discharge afloat, Disbursement Account
D/CDeviation clause; (in) direct continuation.
D/PDocuments against payment
D/R/DDunnage, removal and disposal.
daaDischarge always afloat.
DAFDelivered at frontier.
DAMFORDETDamages for Detention.
DAP (DAPS)Days all purpose; di-ammonium phosphate (fertilizer).
DB (db)Double bottom.
DBB (d. b. b.)Deals, battens and boards (timber).
DBEDespatch payable both ends
DBEATSDespatch (payable) both ends, all time saved
DBEWTSDespatch (payable) both ends, working time saved.
DBTDouble Bottom Tanks
DDDaily discharge; dry docking.
DDGSDried Distillers Grains with Solubles
DDO (ddo)Despatch discharging only.
DDPDelivered duty paid.
DDUDelivered duty unpaid.
DECDe-ratting exemption certificate.
DEL (DELY)Delivery.
DEMDemurrage (Quay Rent).
DEM-DES(P)Demurrage and dispatch.
DEQDelivered ex-quay
Der (DR)Derricks.
DESDelivered ex-ship
DFDead Freight
DFDDemurrage, free dispatch.
DftDraft (also spelt, draught).
dhDouble hull.
DHDDespatch half demurrage
DHDATSBEDispatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends
DHDWTSBEDispatch Half Demurrage on Working TIme Saved Both Ends
DIRTYCrude black oil.
DLOSPDropping last outward sea pilot.
DNRCAOSLONLDiscountless and Non-Returnable Cargo and/or Ship Lost or Not Lost
DO (d.o.)Diesel oil.
DOHPDropping outward harbour pilot.
DOLSPDropping Off Last Sea Pilot
DOP (dop)Dropping outward pilot.
DOSPDropping outward sea pilot.
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DPDDischarge port disbursements.
DPP (d.p.p.)Dirty petroleum products.
DRATEDischarge rate.
DRC (d.r.c.)Daily running cost.
DRIDirect reduced iron (cargo).
DWADock water allowance.
DWAT (dwat)Deadweight all told.
DWCC(dwcc)Deadweight cargo capacity.
DwctDeadweight cargo tons.
DWOCDecline without counter.
DWTDeadweight (tonnage).
e.o.h.p.Except otherwise herein provided.
E.O.P.End (completion) of passage.
EATExpected (or estimated) arrival time.
EbEmpty ballast
ECEast Coast; European Communities
ECCPEast Coast (UK) coal port
ECGBEast Coast of Great Britain.
ECIEast coast of Ireland
ECMEast coast of Mexico
ECNAEast Coast of North America.
ECSAEast Coast of South America.
ECUKEast Coast of United Kingdom.
ECUSEast Coast of U.S.A
EDIElectronic data interchange.
EGMExport general manifest.
EIEast Indies
EIUEven if used.
ELVENTElectric Ventilation
ENEEast North-East.
EOPEnd (Completion) of passage
EPEstimated position.
ERLOADExpected ready to load.
ERVEach round voyage.
ESTEuropean Standard Time.
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
ETBCEasy trimmer bulk carrier.
ETCEstimated Time of Completion
ETDEstimated Time of Departure
ETFExpected time of finishing
ETRExpected to be ready.
ETSEstimated Time of Sailing
EUROMEDEuropean Mediterranean.
EXWEx Works
FFresh water load line mark; forward; forecastle; Fahrenheit.
F & DFreight and demurrage
F.DESPFree dispatch.
F.DISFree discharge.
FACFast as can
FaccopFast as can, according to the custom of the port.
FAFFuel adjustment factor
FAKFreight all kinds (containers)
FASFree alongside; free arrival station.
FBLFIATA Combined transport bill of lading
FCFund Convention (for oil pollution damage).
FCAFree to Carrier.
FCCFirst class charterer
FCLFull container load
FCSFresh of capture and seizure.
FCSSSFor Christ’s sake say something (slang).
FDFree discharge; free of dispatch.
FDDFreight Demurrage Deadfreight
FDEDANRSAOCLONLFreight Deemed Earned Discountless & Non-Refundable Ship &/or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost
FDESPFree Dispatch
FDISFree Discharge
FEUForty foot equivalent unit.
FfaFree from alongside.
FFIFor further instructions.
FHFirst half
FHEXFridays, Holidays Excluded (Muslim Countries)
FHINCFridays and holidays included.
FIBFree into barge; free into bunkers.
FICSFellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.
FILOFree in and liner out.
FILTDFree in, liner terms discharge
FIOFree In/Out.
FIOLSFree in and out, lashed and secured.
FIOSFree in and out, and stowed.
FIOSpTFee in and out, spout trimmed.
FIOSTFree in and out, stowed and trimmed.
FIOTFree In/Out and Trimmed.
FISLSD/LOFree in, stowed, lashed, secured and dunnaged /liner out.
FITFree In Trimmed OR Free of income tax
FIWFree In Wagon
FLASHFeeder lighter aboard ship
FLTFull liner terms; forklift truck.
FMCFederal Maritime Commission
FOFree overside; fuel oil; furnace oil; for orders; free out.
FO (IFO)Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO
FOBFree on Board.
FOBSFree on board and stowed.
FOBTFree on board and trimmed.
FOCFlag of Convennience; free of conveyance; also free of charge
FODFree of damage.
FOFFERFirm Offer
FOGFor Our Guidance
FOMFlag, ownership and management.
FONASBAFederation of National Association of Shipbrokers and Agents
FOQFree on quay.
FORFree On Rail
FOSFree on ship.
FOTFree On Truck
FOWFirst open water; free on wharf; free on wagon.
FP(In) free pratique; flash point.
FTFuel terms; also, full terms.
FTTMFirst thing tomorrow morning.
FVFishing vessel.
FWFresh water.
FWAFresh water allowance.
FWADFresh Water Arrival Draft
FWDDFresh Water Departure Draft
FYGFor your guidance.
FYIFor Your Information
GGrain capacity.
G.A.General Average.
G.B.Great Britain.
G/B (GR/BL)Grain / bale capacity.
GBBGross ballast bonus.
GCGeneral cargo; great circle.
GENCARGeneral cargo.
GEOG RTNIn geographical rotation.
G-H RGEGibraltar - Hamburg range
GLESSGear less - Vessel with out cranes or derricks
GLFDGas oil.
GLSGearless - Vessel with out cranes or derricks
GN (or GR)Grain (capacity)
GNCNGencon (General Conditions)
GOGas Oil
GOPGross operating profit.
GPGeneral purpose
GRTGross register ton.
GSBGood Safe Berth
GSPGood Safe Port
GSSLPorts of Genoa, Savona, Spezia or Leghorn.
GSSLNCVPorts of Genoa, Savona, Spezia, Leghorn, Naples, Civetta or Vecchia
GTGross tonnage.
Guar. (Gtee)Guaranteed.
H.A. or D.Le Havre, Antwerp or Dunkirk.
H.H. (H/H)Ports between and inclusive of Le Havre and Hamburg.
HaHatch, hatchway.
HATHighest astronomical tide.
HBRHamburg range.
HChatch cover; hold cleaning.
HCHTRSHead charterers.
HCMHo Chi Minh City.
HDHalf dispatch.
HDLTSBENDSHalf Dispatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
HDWTSHalf Despatch Working Time Saved
HDWTSBEHalf dispatch working time saved both ends
HFOHeavy fuel oil.
HGHeavy grain.
HHDWHandy Heavy d.w. (scrap)
HHDWSHeavy, handy, deadweight scrap
HMBHeavy motor block
HMSHeavy Melting Scrap
HNSHazardous and Noxious Substances
HR/HRDSHampton Roads
HSDHigh speed diesel.
HSSHeavy grains, Soyabeans and sorghums
HVFHeavy viscosity fuel oil.
HWHigh Water
HWDWHeavy, handy, dead weight.
HWLTHCHeight waterline to top hatch.
HWONTHigh water at ordinary neap tides
HWOSTHigh water at ordinary spring tides
I.A.C.S. (IACS)International Association of Classification Societies.
IATAInternational Air Transport Association.
IBCIntermediate bulk carrier.
ICCInternational Chamber of Commerce.
ICSInstitute of Chartered Shipbrokers; International Chamber of Shipping.
IDLInternational Date Line.
IFOIntermediate fuel oil.
IGMImport general manifest.
IGSInert Gas System.
IHPIndicated horse power.
ILOInternational Labour Organisation, Geneva.
ILOHCIn lieu of hold cleaning.
ILOWIn lieu of weighing.
IMBInternational Maritime Bureau.
IMDGInternational Maritime Dangerous Goods
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation
IN&/OR OVERGoods carried below or on deck
INMARSATInternational Maritime Convention on Communication by Satellite.
INTERCARGOInternational Association of Dry Cargo shipowners.
INTERTANKOInternational Association of Independent Tanker Owners.
IOPCInternational Oil Pollution Compensation
IOT (INCLOT)Including overtime.
ISFInternational Shipping Federation.
ISMInternational Safety Management (Code).
ISOInternational Standards Organisation.
ITFInternational Transport Worker’s Federation.
IUIf Used
IUATUCIf used actual time used to count
IUHTAUTCIf Used, Half Time Actually to Count
IWLInstitute Warranty Limits
j. & w.o.Jettison and washing overboard.
JVJoint venture.
K“000” i.e. thousand, e.g. 2K = two thousand.
k, kn, knt, kt, knotKnot; nautical miles (6080 feet or 1853 metres) per hour.
KMTDistance from keel to mast.
LALos Angeles
LASHLighter aboard ship (barge carrier).
LATLowest austronomical tide; latitude.
Lay/can (L/C, LYCN)Laydays commencing/ laydays canceling (dates) or laydays/canceling.
LBLong Beach
LBPLength between perpendiculars.
LC (L/C)London clause; letter of credit; laycan.
LCILambert’s Capesize Index.
LcrLowest current rate.
LDNLondon; Laden
LDOLight diesel oil.
LDPTLoad Port
LEFOLand’s end for orders.
LGFMLond Grain Fixures Market
LHARLondon, Hull, Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
LIFOLiner in, Free out; Last in, First out
LLLaden legs; loadlines.
LLTLondon landed terms.
LMLane metres.
LMCLloyd’s machinery certificate.
LNGLiquefied natural gas (carrier).
LOLubricating oil.
LO/LOLoad-on and load-off or Lift-on and lift-off vessel.
LOALength Overall of the vessel
LOFLloyd’s Open Form. (Salvage Agreement), 1995.
LOILetter of indemnity.
LOWLast open water.
LPDLoad port disbursements.
LPGLiquified petroleum gas
LQTLiverpool quay terms.
LRATELoad rate.
LSLumber (timber) summer loadline.
LS (or LUMPS)Lumpsum
LSDLanding ship dock; landing, storage and delivery
LSDLashed Secured Dunnaged
LSLSDULoaded, stowed, lasned, secured, dunnaged and unlashed.
LT (It/Its)Long ton; liner terms; London terms.
Lt. VLight vessel.
LTBENDSLiner terms, both ends.
LTS (BE)Laytime saved (both ends).
LWLow Water
LWNALumber Winter North Atlantic (loadline).
LYCNLaycan (Layday Cancelling Date)
MMetre; measure; measurement.
M/RMate’s receipt.
M/VMotor Vessel
MAAMina Al Ahmadi
MAPMono-ammonium phosphate
MARPOLConvention for the Prevention of Maritime Pollution from ships (1973/1978).
MATSMaterial(s), (i.e. dunnage).
MBMerchant Broker
MB/TMotor blocks/ turnings.
MBTEMethyl, butyl, tertiaer ether
MDOMarine diesel oil.
MHMain hatch.
MHWNMean high water neaps (formerly, HWONT).
MHWSMean high water springs (formerly, HWOST).
MICSMember of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.
MIN/MAX Minimum/Maximum
MLMotor launch.
MLLWMean low low water.
MLWMean low low water.
MLWNMean low water neaps
MLWSMean low water springs
MOLMore or Less
MOLCHOPTMore or Less Charterers Option
MOLOOMore or Less Owners Option
MOPMuriate of Potash (fertiliser)
MPPMulti-purpose (vessel).
MRXMedium range cross-purpose tanker.
MSMotor shop; motor spirit; machinery survey.
MSAMerchant Shipping Act.
MSCManchester Ship Canal; Maritime Safety Committee (of IMO).
MSDS M.S.D.S Material Safety Data Sheet
MSVMotor support vessel.
MTMetric ton (tonne); multimodal transport; main terms; motor tanker.
MTLMean tidal level.
MTOMultimodal transport operator.
MTPAMillion metric tonnes per annum.
MVMotor vessel.
N CONT (NO CONT)North Continent.
n.E.Not east of.
n.e.p.(NEP)Not elsewhere provided.
n.m.Nautical mile.
n.N.(N/N)Not north of
N.O.P.Net operating profit.
n.o.p.Not otherwise provided.
n.S.Not south of.
n.W.Not west of.
N.Y.T.New York Standard Time.
N/BNew building.
N/tNew terms (grain trade).
NANorth Atlantic; North America; nearest approach.
NAANot always Afloat
NAABSANot Always Afloat but Safely Aground
NCBNational Cargo Bureau
NCSANorth Coast South America
NES(n.e.s)Not elsewhere specified.
NEWNorth West Europe
NEWCTNorth East of West Coast Italy.
NHPNominal horse power.
NJNew Jason clause in C/P.
NMPDNautical miles per day.
NNGWBNot north of George Washington Bridge (i.e. New York).
NOLANew Orleans
NOPACNorth Pacific (Ports)
NOR (N/R)Notice of Readiness.
NOR T & ANotice of Readiness tendered and accepted.
NORTNotice of Readiness tendered.
NPKNitro Phosphatic Kompound
NRNorthern Range of Ports (in US)
NR T (nrt)Not register tonnage.
NRTNet Restricted Tonnage
NSNo sparring.
NSWNew South Wales (Australia)
NTNet tonnage; neap tides; new tonnage.
NTCNot to count.
NTCEIUNot to count, even if used.
NTCEUUNot to count, unless used.
NVOCCNon-vessel owing common carrier.
NY (NYK)New York.
NYPENew York Produce Exchange
O.O.Owner’s option.
O/BOn board.
O/COpen charter; ore carrier
O/DOver deck.
O/OOil/ore (or ore/oil) carrier.
OA OKOverage okay.
oaaoopOn arrival at or of the port.
OABEOwners agents both ends
OAFSPOn arrival first sea pilot.
OAHPSOn arrival harbour pilot station
OALOverall length (same as LOA).
OAPECOrganisation of Arabic Petroleum Exporting Countries.
OBOOil, bulk, ore carrier.
OBQOn board quantity.
Oc B/LOcean bill of lading.
OCCOutward clearance certificate; Oil Co-ordination Committee.
OCIMFOil Companies International Marine Forum
ODMOil discharge monitor
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
O-H (O/H)Off-hire.
OHBCOpen hatch bulk carrier.
OOOwners Option
OPA(US) Oil Pollution Act, 1990 or Owners Protecting Agent
OPECOrganisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
OSBOne safe berth.
OSD/CSDOpen shelter deck or closed shelter deck (vessel).
OSHOpen Shelter Deck
OSPOne safe port.
OSPBOne safe port or berth.
OSVOffshore supply vessel.
P & I (PANDI)Protection and Indemnity (Club).
P + C (P AND C)Private and confidential.
p.f.t.Per freight ton.
p.p. (pp)Picked ports.
p.p.i.Policy proof of interest.
p.t. (PT)Per ton; private terms.
PA (P/A)Particular average.
PADPacific Australia Direct
Pen Air Turnover = air volume m3 per h / pen area m2
PBPermanent bunkers; poop and bridge.
PBFPoop, bridge and forecastle.
PCPeriod of Charter, Port Clearance
pcPart cargo, parcel cargo.
PCCPure car carrier.
PCGOPart Cargo
PCMPer calender month (hire).
PCNTPanama Canal Net Tonnage.
PCO (PICO)Port in charterer’s option.
PCTCPure car and truck carrier.
PDPort dues.
PDPRPer day pro-rata.
PER SEBy Itself
PG (P/G)Persian Gulf (also, referred as AG = Arabian Gulf)
PHCPort handling charges.
PHDPer hatch per day.
PHOPort health officer.
PHPDPer Hatch Per Day
PICPerson in charge.
PIOPICP & I Oil Pollution Indemnity Clause.
PMOPassing Muscat outbound
PMTPer metric ton.
POAPlace of acceptance.
POBPilot on board.
poc (POC)Port of call.
pod (POD)Port of Discharge
POLPetroleum, oil and lube Or Port of Loading
por (POR)Port of refuge.
PPSPumps (capacity in cubic metres).
PPUKPicked ports of U.K
PQProvince of Quebec.
PRCPeople’s Republic of China.
PSIPounds per square inch; pre shipment inspection.
pssg (PSSG)Passing.
PSTPacific Standard Time.
pt BPort bunkers.
PUSPast us.
PWWDPer Weather Working day
q.cQuantity at Captain's option
QuadCanada, EC, Japan & US
QWTQuay weight
R of TRange of tide.
r.d.Running days.
R/ERate of exchange.
R/PReturn to port for orders.
R/TRevenue ton.
R/V (RV)Round voyage.
RAPLRotterdam – Amsterdam Pipeline.
RBAYRichards Bay
RBCTRichards Boy Coal Terminal.
RCNResearch octane number.
RDC (rdc)Running down clause.
Re-capRecapitulation (summary of main points).
REDRate, extras demurrage.
RELETTo sub-charter
RNRRate not reported.
Roads (roads)Anchorage Area
ROBRemaining on board.
RORO (ro-ro)Roll-on/roll-off (vessel).
RPMRevolutions (or rotations) per minute.
RPSRevolutions (or rotations) per second.
RTRight time of ship departure/arrival or rye terms.
RTRevenue Tonne
RTBARate to be agreed.
RTDRound trip distance.
RUWRuwais (port)
SSummer loadline; south.
S & P (S AND P)Sale and purchase.
S d/kShelter deck.
s.s. & c.Same sea and country coast.
S/aSafe arrival; subject to approval.
S/A (S.A.)South America; South Australia; South Africa; safe anchorage; Salvage Association.
S/F (SOF)Statement of facts.
S/NShipping note.
S/SSuez laden, Suez ballast.
SA/SHEXSaturday afternoon/Sundays and holidays excepted.
SABIOStem and Berth in order
SATPMSaturday P.M.
SATSHEX/SSHEXSaturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted.
SBSafe berth.
SBEStandby engine.
SBMSingle buoy mooring (for oil tankers); soyabean meal (cargo).
SBTSegregated ballast tanks.
Slot Charter
SCNTSuez Canal Net Tonnage.
SDSingle deck; self-discharging.
SDBCSingle Decker bulk carrier
SDRSpecial Drawing Rights (IMF).
SDWT (sdwt)Summer deadweight.
SEASouth east Asia
SELFDSelf Discharging
SEMI-TRAILERSAre usually 12.0 meter flatbed road trailers
SFSan Francisco; Summer Freeboard; Stowage factor.
SGSpecific gravity.
SHSecond Half
SHEXSundays and holidays excepted.
SHEXEIUSundays and holidays excepted, even if used.
SHEXUUSundays and holidays excepted, unless used.
SHINCSundays, Holidays Included
SHUShuaibu (port).
Sim SubSimilar substitute.
SITPROSimplification of International Trade Procedures (Board).
SKOSuperior kerosene oil.
SKORSouth Korea
SLTSludge Tank
SOBShipped on board.
SOCShipper Owned Container
SOFStatement of Facts
SOLASInternational Convention on Safety of Life at Sea (1974/78).
SPSafe Port
SPASSSkaw - Passero (range)
spdShip pays dues; speed.
SPMSingle point mooring.
SPT (spt)Spot.
SRBLSigning and Releasing Bill of Lading
SSService speed; steamship; special survey.
SSHEX (or SATSHEX)Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded
SSHINC (or SATSHINC)Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
SSWSummer salt water.
STBCSelf-trimming bulk carrier
StcSaid to contain
STCWConvention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers.
STD (std)Standard (timber trade).
STEMSubject To Enough Merchandise (Availability of Cargo)
STERNThe aformost part of a ship
StoaSubject to owner’s approval.
StwSaid to weigh.
SUBSubject (to)
Sub openSubject open
Sub stemSubject stem (availability of cargo).
SubdetsSubject details (of C/P).
SUBDGSSubject to Director-General of Shipping approval.
SUBsSubjects (fixed on)
SVSailing vessel.
SWSalt water; shipper’s weight.
SWADSalt Water Arrival Draft
SWDDSalt water departure draft.
SWLSafe working load (of cranes, derricks).
TTropical loadline
T/C Trip (TCT)Time charter trip.
T/PTrans Pacific.
T/STime sheet; transshipment.
TAFHEXThursday afternoons Fridays and holidays excepted.
TARV (TA R/V)Trans Atlantic Round Voyage
TBATo be advised.
TBDTo be declared.
TBMATo be mutually agreed.
TBNTo be nominated
TC (T/C, t/c)Time charter.
TCETime charter equivalent.
TCHTime charter hire
TCMConvention on the International Combined Transport of Goods.
TCTTime charter Trip, timecharter trip
TCYTime charter yield
TDKTween decker.
TDW (tdw)Tons deadweight.
TECHToxic, explosive, corrosive and hazardous (dangerous cargo)
TEUTwenty foot equivalent unit.
TFTropical fresh water loadline.
THCTerminal handling charges,
TIBTrimmed in bunkers.
TIPTakind inward pilot
TMKTonnage mark.
TNCTime to next cargo
TOTCOMTotal commission.
TOVALOPTanker Owners Voluntary Agreement Concerning Liability for oil Pollution
TpTime in port.
TPCTons per centimeter (immersion).
TPCMTons per cubic metre
TPDTons per day.
TPITons per inch
TPRV (TP R/V)Trans Pacific Round Voyage
TRTons registered.
TRNDTo be renamed.
TsTime at sea.
TSPTriple super phosphate
TSTTopside tank.
TTTelegraphic transfer
TWTween Decker
TWHDTons per working or workable hatch per day.
TYTThanks your telex.
U.K.f.o.United Kingdom for orders.
U.K.H.A.D.United Kingdom and Le Havre-Antwerp-Dunkirk range.
U.K.H.H.United Kingdom and Le Havre-Hamburg range.
Unforeseen circumstances excepted
U/DUnder deck.
UK/Cont (B.H.)United Kingdom or Continent (Bordeaux-Hamburg range).
UK/Cont (G.H.)United Kingdom or Continent (Gibraltar-Hamburg range).
UK/Cont (H.H.)United Kingdom or Continent (Le Havre-Hamburg range).
UKCUnited Kingdom or Continent
ULCCUltra large crude carrier.
UNCITRALUnited Nations’ Commission on International Trade Law.
UNCTADUnited Nations’ Commission on Trade and Development.
USACUnited States Atlantic Coast.
USCUnless sooner commenced.
USCGUnited States Coast Guard.
USEC (USEA)United States East Coast.
USGUnited States Gulf of Mexico.
USNHUnited States North of (Cape) Hatteras (northern range).
USNPUnited States North Pacific.
USSHUnited States South of (Cape) Hatteras.
USWC (USWE)United States West Coast.
UUUnless Used
UUIWCTAUTCUnless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count
V/CVoyage charter
VGOVacuum gas oil.
VLOOVery large ore/oiler (carrier).
VOCVessel operating carrier.
VPDVessel Pays Dues
VTMSVessel traffic management system.
VTSVessel traffic system
WWinter loadline mark; Worldscale.
W/MWeight and/or measurement.
WAGWest Asia gulf
WBWater ballast, waybill.
WCAWest Coast Africa.
WCCOM (WICCON)Whether (in) customs cleared (clearance) or not.
WCCONWhether Customs Cleared Or Not
WCNAWest Coast of North America.
WCSAWest coast of South America
WCUKWest Coast United Kingdom.
WCUSWest Coast United States.
WDWorking days.
WE/EIWest Britain/East Ireland.
WECONWhether entered (in) Customs of not.
WESTWestern Europe.
WFAWith following alterations.
WHDPer working (workable) hatch per day.
WHTCWordscale—hours, terms and conditions.
WIBONWhether In Berth Or Not
WIFPONWhether in free pratique or not.
WIPONWhether In Port Or Not
WLTHCWaterline to top of hatch coaming.
WLTOHCWater Line-To-Hatch Coaming
WNAWinter North Atlantic loadline mark.
WOBWashed overboard.
WOGWithout Guarantee
WPWeather Permitting
WPDWeather Permitting Day
WRICWire Rods In Coils
WTWing tanks
WTSBEWorking time saved both ends (Also, WTSBENDS).
WVNSWithin Vessel's natural segregation
WWWeather working.
WWAWIWLWorldwide and always within Institute Warranty Limits
WWDWeather Working Day
WWDSHEXWeather working days, Sundays and holidays excepted.
WWFWaterside Workers' Federation
WWRWhen, Where Ready
WWWWWibon, Wccon, Wifpon, Wipon
XShex, Sundays and holidays excepted.
XSIn excess of.
YARYork Antwerp Rules

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