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In case you are having problems with your email, please do give us a call so that we can temporarily publish requirements and/or ships for you on this website.


Meantime, please advise what tonnage you have for

 15-33,000 dwt bc or mpp type
del N Brazil or Trinidad
prompt onwards
TC trip redel Colombo range

5-14,000 dwt bc or mpp type
del Panama - Trinidad
prompt onwards
short tc trip

abt 14-18000 dwt mpp tw or single prefer shallow drafted
Del NCSA Cartagena or Barranquilla
mid Nov onwards
tc trip dur abt 40-45d wog
Redel dop Macapa

2-3500 Dwat but max 2000 GRT !
del NCSA Caribs with ballast bonus
prompt onwards
abt 12 months tc

Further details available upon interest.