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At Antares Chartering & Shipping, Inc., New York, our focus is on worldwide chartering. We serve all ports in the USA as well as all overseas ports, worldwide.

We are shipbrokers for shipowners of:

Bulk Carriers, Lakers, Loggers, OBO, Ore Carriers, Boxed and Open Hatch Type Vessels.
Handy, Handymax,Supramax Supermax, Ultramax, Panamax and Cape Sizes.
Container Vessels and Feeder Vessels.
Drycargo Vessels, Tweendeckers, Liner Vessels.
Project Carriers, Heavy Lift Vessels, Semi-Submersibles.
RoRo, RoLo, Car Carriers, PCC, Trailer Carriers, Ferries
Reefers and Freezer Vessels.
Tankers, Gas Carriers.
Tugs and Barges, Offshore Supply Vessels.
For a quick overview please find below some of the bulk cargoes as well as the break bulk cargoes we can transport for you.
These include:

Aggregate, alumina, aluminum, anchor chain, anchor, aragonite, asphalt, banana, basalt, barley, baryte, bauxite, beef, belt anthracite, discharger, bentonite, billets, biomass, bitumen, blades, blooms, bareboat, boat, bogie, bulgur, bulldozer, calcium, cars, cashew, casing, caterpillar, cement, cereal, chassis, chicken, clay, chloride, chrome ore, coal, cobble plates, cobble stones, cocoa, coffee, coils, coke breeze, coking coal, cold rolled, concentrate, copper, corn, cotton, crane, granola, ddgs, deicing salt, dri, drill rigs, durum, engine, excavator, ferrosilicon, fertilizer, flour, fly ash, forest product, front end, frozen fish, frozen pork, fluorspar, generator, gluten, grader, granite, gypsum, hbi, heavy melting scrap, heat exchanger, hms1, helicopter, hot rolled, ilmenite, iron ore, kaolin, kraft liner board, lime stone, lime, line pipe, locomotive, logs, lumber, magnesium.
As well as
Malt, maize, magnesite, manganese, mdf board, meals, met coke, metal, millet, mill scale, mineral, molybdenum, newsprint, nickel, oats, olivine, ows, paddy, paver, pet coke, pneumatic, pig iron, pine log, pipes, plates, plywood, portland cement, potash, potassium, poultry, pumice, pulpwood, purple heart, pozzolan, quicklime, railroad ties, railway, rice, road salt, rock salt, rotor, round logs, rutile, rye, sand, salt, scrap metal, scrap, scraper, seeds, sheets, shredded, shrimps, silica, slag, sleeper, soda ash, sodium nitrate, sorghum, soybean, stainless steel, stator, sinter feed, steel, sugar, sulfate, Sulphur, sunflower, tanks, tapioca, telephone pole, titanium, tractor, trailer, transformer, trucks, tube, turbine, ulexite, urea, vehicles, vermiculite, waste paper, wheat, windmill, wire rods, wood pellets, wood pulp, woodchips, yacht, zinc.